President Mohamud declares 2016 electoral model law, by-passing parliament

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has declared the 2016 electoral option law by invoking executive powers hence rendering the protracted parliamentary debate over the matter inconsequential.

Citing articles 1, 22, 72, 87, 9, 97 and 99 of the Provisional Constitution, the president said it was imperative the electoral model be adopted into law to tame the escalation of rifts and protect the interests of the country

“Safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders, civil society, parliament and the leaders of the High Level Partnership Forum and safeguarding what the international community is expecting from us, we issued this presidential decree and it will take effect from today,” the president said Sunday morning.

He said the elections will take place as scheduled and in all venues as agreed.

The decree in effect therefore endorses all the proposals as submitted by the National Leadership Forum late last month. Parliament and the civil society had earlier raised concerns about certain proposals including the exclusion of Banaadir region in the Upper House.

The announcement which effectively renders null the ongoing debate in Parliament was reached following international pressure including the UN Security Council which told the president Thursday to explore all constitutional means at his disposal to ensure the electoral modalities are adopted by Parliament.

Security Council President Abdellatif Aboulatta said in a media conference Thursday time was first running out and that the Council was categorical the electoral model must be adopted.

“Our message was loud and clear. The Somali government has to move on with the elections on the date as decided. We urge the president to take any steps and use any constitutional tools to ensure the elections materialise,” said Aboulatta.

Parliament deferred debate Saturday after the Speaker Osman Jawari said the President and his team from the regional states had requested for two days to iron out contentious issues.

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