President Muse Bihi appoints new chairman and judges for the military court

President Bihi Abdi has today appointed a new chairman of the Armed Forces and the Attorney Generals and military Court judges and prosecutors.

President Bihi has appointed Mohamed Abdillahi Adan (Aar) as the new chairman of the military court in the western region of Somaliland.

Yasin Mohamed Abdi was appointed as the new Attorney General of the Armed Forces of Somaliland.

Goobjoog News sources verify that Somaliland’s President Muse Bihi Abdi has also appointed new prosecutors and military judges as follows:

Hassan Abiib Omar Jimale Jaama Muhumed, Xasan Cige Jaama were all designated as new military court judges in the first rank.

Colonel Said Ali Elmi and Abdillahi Mohamed Ahmed were also appointed as the Attorney Generals of the Somaliland Armed Forces and the Deputy Attorney General of the Somaliland Armed Forces was named for Ahmed Salah Abdi

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