Puntland accuse PM Kheire for corruption, havoc and insecurity in the region

Puntland Ministry of finance has presented grieves to Somalia’s international donor government and agencies against PM Hassan Ali Kheire for corruption, havoc and insecurity in the region.

The complains were referred during PM kheire’s visits to Galkacyo, Puntland in July 2019.

Puntland government have presented a serious concern to the international donor governments and agencies regarding that PM kheire for conducting a systematic corruption to undermine the legitimacy of lawful administration of Puntland and create havoc and insecurity among the citizens and the authority of Puntland state and all other member states.

Puntland Ministry of Finance has blamed PM Kheire for using the public finance illegally on most of which is donated by the Somali international partners which the PM apparently has used for political or election-related purposes.

“The PM refused to abide by agreed protocol arrangements during his visit to Galkacyo, amove that have incited political and insecurity tensions unnecessarily,” said the statement

The statement indicate that PM approved the Federal ministry of finance to directly deposit ($220,000) to non-governmental organizations in Puntland funding contribution to Awale stadium in Glakcyo, space he used t conduct his ill-fated rally, thereby violating constitutional principles and bypassing the two levels of the national government of Somalia: federal government level and the federal member state level.

In the light of these realities, the Puntland Ministry of finance shares its grave concerns with international partners to be very wary of FGS usage of Public funds for political or election purposes.

Puntland Ministry of finance calls for additional accountability and oversight measures with regard of funding support to FGS and to ensure that such funding support is not utilized for political gains to destabilize member states which is derailing the state-building process.

Dr Hassan Sheikh, a political scientist who spoke to Goobjoog News, said that Puntland is showing the world that donations are being used for the wrong reasons and instead used in demolition and reunification of Puntland.

“It hurts the credibility of Prime Minister Hassan Kheyre and further deepens the ties between Puntland and the federal government,” adds Dr Hassan

Goobjoog News

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