Puntland Okays and supports newly formed Upper Bakool state

Puntland administration has expressed its support for Upper Bakool administration which was declared few days ago in Elbarde town.

Puntland said in a press statement released to the media on Sunday that residents of the three districts have a right to self-governance off their neighbor–Southwest State Administration–due to the latter’s failure to address grievances and practices relegating constituent units within the interim state to margins.

“decision by locals to form their own own administration out of Southwest State’ a good step, “reads the statement

Traditional elders and politicians, who were dissatisfied with the selection of southwest MPs, have declared new regional state consist of three Bakool regional districts of El Barde, Yeed and Aato. .

After days of intense meeting in Eelbarde town, delegates declared new regional state named Upper Bakool state with president and his deputy.

Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed was announced to be the first president of state as his deputy president will be Abdullahi Sahal Hussein.

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