Road accident injures 10 people in Jowhar

Ten people including four with serious wounds are nursing injuries after a minibus they were travelling in lost control on Jowhar-Mugadishu road, Goobjoog News.
The minibus which was heading to Jowhar town on Sunday lost control and rolled severally.
The driver was over speeding hence lost control and finally the vehicle rolled several times according to Jowhar administration.
The injured were rush to Jowhar hospital for treatment.
This comes even as Jowhar administration raised the flag about increased road carnage in the district.
Similar accident that occurred last week on Mogadishu-Jowhar highway killed more than three people and scores wounded.
In Somalia, car accident often causes deaths and injuries in which are attributed to the drivers who do not have enough experiences in driving as well as the the unrepaired roads in some regions in Somalia regions.

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