Russia confirm support for the UN special envoy to Somalia

The government of Russian government which is also a member of the United Nations Security Council confirmed full support for the UN special envoy to Somalia, Nicholas Haysom, which the federal government of Somalia has expelled him from the country.

Maria Zakharova the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs has confirmed the support at her twitter official account.

“We confirmed support for the UN activities in Somalia, including the work of the UN Assistance Mission and the UN Support Office aimed at strengthening peace and stability as well as sustainable development in that country,” said Maria

Maria Zakharova said, “We call on the Federal Government of Somalia and the United Nations to continue their fruitful cooperation for these purposes.”

She has also added that they have pointed out the need to implement as soon as possible the June 2018 agreements between Mogadishu and the regions on sharing revenues from oil and other mineral production and promoting the national dialogue on such pressing domestic issues as preparation of a new constitution, judicial reform and holding general presidential elections in 2021.

“We emphasize the key role of the African Union and its Mission in Somalia in combating the Al-Shabaab terrorist group and raising the Somali National Armed Force’s (SNAF) potential,” she added

Maria Zakharova the Russian Minister of Foreign Affair has reaffirmed respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independence and unity of Somalia.

On January 1, the Federal Government of Somalia declared Nicholas Haysom, appointed Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on August 17, 2018, persona non grata and expelled the UN diplomat from the country.

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