Security crackdown underway near Mogadishu

A big security crackdown has been reported to be underway on the outskirts of Mogadishu where an Al-Shabaab ambush attack happened on Tuesday night.

The operation conducted by Somalia’s security forces is underway in Sarkuusta and Elasha Biyaha Biyaha near Mogadishu, and it came following last night’s Al-Shabaab ambush on Somali government troops bases in the two areas.

Security officials termed the operation as one aimed at bolstering security and nabbing criminal groups in the area.

The movement of people and vehicles were restricted during the operation with business operation coming to a standstill as security forces continued with their crackdown carrying out house to house search.

It is not yet known how many were arrested.

The operation also comes as the capital Mogadishu hosts Somalia’s presidential elections to elect the country’s eighth president.

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