Security forces in L. Shabelle to launch crack-down on illegal roadblocks

The regional administration of Lower Shabelle region has said they are starting massive operations soon against the illegal checkpoints in some of the districts in the region.

Abdifatah Omar Farah, the governor of Lower Shabelle region, told Goobjoog News that they have received several complaints from the public over illegal check-points in the roads by unknown armed militias.

He added that the armed militias harm and collect money from the public vehicles using the various routes in the region.

The governor requested the people in the region to closely work with the security forces operations to remove the illegal checkpoints which will allow people to move freely throughout the area without being interfered by the armed groups.

“The security forces will start the operation in the coming days to all areas under the illegal check-points controls,” said the governor

There have been attacks on public transport and army installations in most of this part of the region and the forces have been trying to address.

Goobjoog News

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