HirShabelle security chiefs hold talks on reopening of roads

Hir-Shabelle Minister of Interior Mohamed Ali Adle with the administration of Bule Burde district in Hiran region, military officials,  and  ‘AMISOM and traditional elders  met  Monday on plans to reopen roads which were initially blocked  by Al-Shabaab

The meeting discussed security and reopening of the roads blocked by Al-Shabaab  as security forces  liberate more territories under Al-Shabaab control.

The interior minister stated that Bulo Burde district is one of the safest districts in Hiiraan region despite the roadblocks.

The commander of the 5th Battalion in 41st division of section27, Abdulkadir Ali Nur told the meeting that Al-Shabab will be cleared from the areas under the Bulo Burde district in Hiran region.

on the other hand, Abdulkadir announced that militias’macawislay’ who support government troops will be equipped and elected for a team leader that provides daily reports.

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