Security ministry spokesperson: Abdishakur defied orders and resisted arrest

Security ministry has released a detailed report of the attack carried out last night on the residential home of Abdirhman Abdishakur noting his refusal to abide by the orders of the law enforcement officers and openly resisted attempts to arrest him.

Speaking to media, spokesperson Abdiaziz Hildiban described the situation that led to confrontation. “At around 11am our security officials acting on orders from the law departments reached at the house of Abdirahmna Abdishakur. The available citizens could not abide by the instructions and orders to search them despite possessing the search warrant. Present in the house was Mr. Abdirhaman Abdishakur the wanted person. He clearly opposed the orders of the security officials and afterwards his staff started shooting at them” said Spokesman Hildaban

He raised how investigations were conducted by the security organs and attorney general’s office on some Somali citizens thought to be conspiring criminal activities including treason.

“As you aware, these days the security organs and the attorney general were busy carrying out investigation on some citizens suspected of criminal activities among them bringing down the Somali government.”

The federal security officers finally succeeded overpowering the armed staff and captured Abdishakur safely. According to the spokesman, they thoroughly searched the house and got hold of huge items that will assist them in their investigation. “The soldiers succeeded capturing him [Abdishakur] safely and took huge equipment with them that will help us in our investigation according to the law. The security department executed their work in line with the constitution and no one is above the law.”

Abdishakur, a onetime minister and also a former presidential contender in the last election held in February “will be subjected to a transparent investigation and will be arraigned in a court of Law” said Spokesman Hildiban.

He appealed to the citizens to work with the security departments and stay clear of criminal activities.

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