Security operations to nab Alshabab fighters in Lower Shabelle

The Local Administration of Lego location in the Lower Shabelle is carrying out wide security operations in search of Alshabab fighters.

The Commissioner of Lego Abukar Abdullahi who spoke to Goobjoog News said the operations are aimed at against fighting with Ashabab as well as illegal highway checkpoints.

The general security situation has improved for the better in Lego and currently engaged in operations across its surrounding areas.

“The security soldiers have tightened their belts and the operations are preplanned. It’s going for a long time and we are searching any person that troubles the public both Alshabab and illegal checkpoint operators. Now the operation is on the outskirt of Lego’’ said Commissioner Abukar.

Many illegal checkpoints are in Lower Shabelle region manned by armed men who are attired in similar uniform with Federal Government soldiers.

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