Senate endorses anti-graft bill with amends

Senate has today passed the Anti-Corruption Bill with amendments which will now be referred back to the Lower House for further consideration.

The Bill which seeks to set the framework for the fight against corruption and promote prudent management of public resources was approved by the Lower House last month.

According to article 82 of the Provisional Constitution, the Lower House now has three options; it can either accept it as it is and submit to the president for assent, amend it and refer to the Senate with reasons or alternatively reject it and refer to the Senate with reasons.

On its part, the Senate can, upon receipt of the Bill accept it without voting and refer it back to the Lower House which will transmit to the President for signing.  Should it have further objections, the Senate can reject the Lower House changes and overrule them with a 2/3 majority of the whole House and send it back to the Lower House.

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