Three more MPs voted to the Lower House in elections held in Somalia’s South West state

Voting for Lower House representatives continued in South West state, where three candidates were elected MPs.

Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed, the federal minister of Industry and Trade was among the three candidates who emerged victorious in the balloting exercise.

Mohamed Abdullahi Mursal, South West state SIEIT chairman announced that delegates from Lower Shabelle region would start registering for the voting exercise tomorrow.

“This was one of the few challenges we had and which we have now overcome,” he said.

Elections in South West state have been smooth, without incidents. Somali security forces working jointly with AMISOM military and police have provided adequate security to all electoral centers.

“The committee (for security coordination) has done a wonderful job right from the time we started registration up to the time where we are, we have not had any serious incidents as far security is concerned,” said SSP Ambayo John Gray, a member of the election security coordinating team.

South West state has so far elected 30 members of the Lower House, out of an allocation of 69 seats. The SIEIT hopes to conclude the elections in the next ten days.

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