Shabaab operative who killed his guardian, senior police officers executed

GOOBJOOG NEWS|MOGADISHU:   Three Al-Shabaab militants among them a former college teacher who killed several senior security officials and his guardian were executed this morning in Mogadishu.

Mohamed Haji Mohamud aka Ilkaase whom the prosecution earlier this year described as a ‘merciless killer’ was executed alongside Salim Said Mohamed and Ahmed Mohamed Hashi Arab.

Ilkaase was sentenced to death in January after he was identified as the Al-Shabaab head of operations in Mogadishu. The militant who went by various aliases was found guilty of killing General Abdullahi Mohamed Sheikh Qururuh on September 24, 2017,  Somali deputy attorney general Mohamed Abdirahman Mohamud on February 20, 2019; and the assassination of police General Mohamud Haji Alow on April 27, 2019.

The former English teacher in a college in Mogadishu also killed police General Ismail Ahmed Osman who brought him up when he was young following his father’s request to take care of the young Ilkaase.

The state prosecutor told the court in January Ilkaase only spared his father who is a policeman ‘for cover’. “He let live his father so that he could bail him when in trouble,” the prosecution said.

Ilkaase who presented a remorseless personality narrated during a programme aired by the state broadcaster, SNTV how he led operations in Mogadishu issuing directions to assassins to targeting individuals in the capital Mogadishu.

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