SNA commander announce to supports the locals fighting against Al Shabaab

Somali National Army commander Gen. Dahir Adam Elmi (Indho-Qarshe)

The commander of the Somali National Army has today fully announced to support the local people in the fight against Al-Shabaab after in the recent day’s locals in middle Shabelle Somalia have erupted clash with the Al-Shabaab.

Somali National army commander Dahir Aden Elmi (Indho-Qarshe) said,” the locals in the different parts of the country were not able to survive with the Al-Shabab problems and they need our support.”

The commander has also added that the Somali National Army is planning to pull out the Al-Shabaab group from the country in the next year.

“We are committed to double the fight against al-Shabaab and to support the local people who seek to overthrow the Al-Shabaab from their homes and also we are planning to liberate the rest of the country on next year, “said Commander Qarshe

Al Shabaab demanding for teenagers to be recruited, and also imposing a tax called zakat had stoked anger among the residents and local militias started to fight against the Islamic group.

The residents of Adan Yabal district in Middle Shabelle region have on Monday clashed with the Al Shabaab, after the militants have attacked the village.

Adan Yabal residents are living in fear as the Al-Shabaab militants might make a come back in days ahead.

Somali forces supported by African Union Mission troops have increased attacks against Al-Shabaab in several areas in Middle Shabelle and Hiiraan regions.

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