Somali channel  TV’s journalist released after 10 days in jail

A privately owned channel based in London, Somali channel TV’s journalist Jamaa Yussuf Dabaraani was released from prison on Sunday after being detained for 10 days.

Media Association Puntland has played very important role in his release and criticized Puntland government over the detention of the journalist without charges.

On 19th this month, Puntland police have detained Jama’a, a week after the Semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland suspended the Deperani Show in a decree issued by the information ministry of Puntland.

On 22nd this month, a court in Puntland has prolonged the pretrial detention for additional 15 days on basis for extra investigation, a decision believed to have been influenced by the Puntland administration.

The Journalist detained at Garowe central police station from 19 November 2015 was moved to the Central prison of Garowe after the rule of the court.

The arrest come after Somali Channel TV received a letter from the Puntland information ministry dated November 10, ordering the temporary suspension of Jama from his journalistic duties, according to CPJ.

“Jama presented and produced a critical talk show consisting of half-hour interviews with politicians and other high-profile figures and he interviewed the information minister four days before the ministry issued the letter ordering his suspension”  Faisal Khaliif, from the Media Association of Puntland.

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