Somali forces launch security operation in Mogadishu

Somali security forces backed by African Union peace-Keeping Mission (AMISOM) have launched a security operation in Hodan and Howl Wadaag districts of the capital city of Mogadishu on Tuesday after several attacks against government officials and security forces in the past days.

The forces blocked all entrances to  Bakara market  to conduct a security operation.

The soldiers were searching for suspects and weapons and conducted door to door inspection, according to residents.

Police forces could be seen stationed in some of the main street junctions in the district, searching vehicles and people.

A police officer who declined to named said the operation was aimed at ensuring peace and security in the districts by flushing out the Al-Shabab elements.

Somali government has been trying to secure the seaside city which witnessed several deadly attacks in the months.

Al-Shabaab fighters who wanted topple the internationally recognised Somali government have been attacking government institutions, hotels, and military bases.


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