Somali forces retake Moqokori location in Hiiraan region from Al-Shabaab

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Somali forces Wednesday wrested control of Moqokori location in Hiiraan region driving out Al-Shabaab militants who have been holding on to the area.

Mahas district commissioner Mohamed Abdi Awale told Goobjoog News the forces engaged the militants in a heavy fight Wednesday morning before taking full control of Moqokori located in Farlibah district.

“Security forces went in early Wednesday and inflicted harm on the militants forcing them to leave,” said Awale. He did not however indicate any possible casualties.

Amisom and Somali forces had earlier taken over the village but later pulled out allowing Al-Shabaab to return.

Moqokori is located some 40k away from Mahas district in Hiiraan region.


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