Somali ministry of Religious and Endowment releases a decree on Hajj services

Muslim pilgrims circumnavigating the holy Kaaba in Mecca. Photo credit: Online.

Somali ministry of Religious and Endowment Saturday released new orders regarding pilgrimage affairs, registration of firms offering pilgrimage services, hajj fees and visa facilitation.

The statement outlined some of the progresses the ministry has achieved in all sectors relating to facilitating hajj services to protect the rights and reputation of the pilgrims among others.

It also highlighted permission extended to firms working on Hajj and Umra (lesser hajj) services in 2018.

The ministry has also informed interested companies in hajj services “to register itself with the ministry between 7th and 20th January 2018.”

The decree also stated that “the ministry will review hajj expenses on the Somali pilgrim in conjunction the federal government.”

The ministry is also utilizing great efforts on how “to open an office in the Saudi Embassy in Mogadishu which will be offering hajj visa to facilitate visa access to Somali citizens.”

The statement also pointed out the ministry will “seek the support of other relevant departments on hajj matters.”

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