Somalia: military court hands down sentences on Al-shabab members

Miltary court-- Xukun




Somali military court in Mogadishu  has Wednesday handed five to 10 year prison sentences to 7 people.
All the men were accused of having links with Al-shabab, giving information, protection and hideouts where mostly pleaded guilty.
A spokesman for the military court said the members are free to take appeal starting from the date the military reached its verdict.
They are:
1- Abdirahman Ahmed Afrah.
2- Abdirahman Muqtar Aamir.
3- Abdinasir Aadan Aynte.
4- Abdillahi Hirsi Mohamed.
5- Mohamed Hassan Ali.
6- Mohamed Abdi Yussuf .
7- Mohamed Deeq Abdikadir Fiidow.

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