Somalia: New Political Party formed.

A group of Somali politicians headed by the former prime minister of Somali Abdiwali Sheikh Ahmad have officially inaugurated new political party named  the National Forum Party in Mogadishu.

Other prominent figures of the National Forum Party include Abdirhman Abdullahi Badiow-former presidential candidate, Ali Mohamed Mohamud (Ali Hareed) former health minister and now serves as the general secretary of the party.

In the opening remarkes of the party Ali Mohamed Mohamud (Ali Hared) articulated the founding principles of the National Forum Party “This Manifesto was signed by like-minded politicians, intellectuals, and prominent individuals, determined to work together for the cause of advancing and defending democracy, good governance, and the rule of law. The vision of the Forum is to lay the foundation for a united, prosperous and modern Somalia, founded on popular democracy and social justice countering the culture of impunity that feeds on public resources and sows the seeds of division – a country where all citizens enjoy equal political, economic and socio-cultural rights – a country which is free from corruption”

The Provisional Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia establishes a multi-party system of democracy but the country has no political parties law.

As result a number of defecto political partiest filed a lawsuit against somali prime minister and interior minister to the hight court for blocking the law of political party to be passed by the Federal Parliament.


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