Somaliland police: 101 rape cases documented since January 2018

Somaliland passed a rape law in April handing convicts 20 year jail term

One hundred and one cases of rape were recorded in Somaliland since January, seven cases less than 2017, a report by Somaliland police indicates.

The report notes that out of 105 individuals accused of rape, 87 were arrested and charged while the others were still on the run.

The report released today in marking 25 years since the Somaliland police was established also indicates 61 people were killed in difference circumstances during the reporting period.  The police arrested 55 people accused of killings while five others were yet to be nabbed.

A total of 3,457 road accidents occurred in Somaliland since January claiming 161 lives and injuring 2,255 others, the report adds.  In total, the report documents 19,664 offenses since the beginning of the year.

Somaliland parliament the sexual offenses law in April defining rape as a criminal offense for the first time. According to the law, those found guilty of rape face 20 years in jail. The law also criminalises other forms of gender violence such as forced marriage, trafficking for sexual slavery and sexual harassment.

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