South West state politicians hail assembly for setting presidential poll dates

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Politicians from South West State have welcomed the announcement of presidential election dates by the state assembly noting there was need for change.

The politicians under the South West Salvation Council banner called for change of guard in the state presidential during the November elections.

“We welcome the announcement by parliament hold the elections in ten months’ time,” the political leaders said adding, “We have waited for a long time and we want change.”

The state assembly last week announced a new president will be elected November 17 when the term of current president Sharif Sheikh Hassan Adan ends. He was elected November 17, 2004 following the formation of the state which brought together Bakool, Bay and Lower Shabelle regions.

In another development, a Federal lawmaker has castigated President Adan’s move to form a new district terming it a unconstitutional. Senator Hussein Sheikh said the formation of Yeed district by Adan was against the law since it is only the President of the Republic who is bestowed such powers.




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