S.West president appoints committee for Wanlaweyn clan conflict

Southwest regional state President Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed ( Laftagren) expressed his condolences to the victims of the clan clashes on land issues in Wanlanweyn district earlier Monday.

“I deeply saddened by the terrible actions that have taken place in Wanlaweyn, actions that are far from the region of Islam and the Somali culture. “ I appointed a committee that works on this incident as soon as possible to integrate the communities that are fighting in Wanlaweyn, I also urge all security agencies in the District to intervene,” said president Laftagren.

The president also noted that the people behind the killing of the innocent resident will be brought before the law.  In the past few days, two clan militias have been fighting in the district following ten people killed and injured several others.

More than hundreds displaced while some of their homes were burnt as a result of clan conflict in Walawen district, Lower Shabelle region.

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