The administration and elders of Buulo Burde vow to fight Al-shabab

The administration and the council of elders of Buulo-burde took meeting focusing on wide range issues including the circumstances in the district and how to brawl Al-Shabab fighters who blocked the main roads leading to the town.
Libaan Abdi Burusoow vice-chairperson of district financial committee chairing the gathering told Goobjjog FM that the main issues they focussed on was, how weed out Al-shabab from the main roads and the worsening livelihood of people in the district .
“The two main agendas of the meeting are, how to chase away Al-Shabab fighters from the the main roads they blocked and the situation of the people who have been isolated from other parts of the country ” the vice chairperson noted.
Al-shabab imposed tight sanctions by blocking the main trade routes leading to Buulo-burde and other major cities in Hiran region after allied forces pushed them out of their main strongholds in the region.

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