The arrest of Abdishakur, seeking removal of impunity and banning meetings are unconstitutional says MPs

MP Abdihakim Maalin Ahmed. Photo credit: Online

Some MPs who held a meeting last night in Mogadishu deliberated extensively the arrest of Abdirahman Abdishakur, the alleged accusation of 2 MPs by the attorney general to strip them out their impunity and the banning of meetings have released a statement on these matters highlighting the illegality of such moves under the constitution.

Speaking on behalf of the MPs, Abdihakim Maalin Ahmed read out the articles they agreed upon to the media.

“When the MPs discussed, assessed the arrest of Abdishakur and how events unfolded afterwards, they came to the following conclusion – we categorically condemn the attack carried out on the house of Abdishakur where 6 innocent people died among them a girl and another 3 injured including Abdishakur and the latter being arrested while injured and term it unconstitutional” said MP Ahmed.

The statement further depicted the illegality of the attack under the constitution according to the consensus by the MPs and curtailing the right to express oneself.

“According to the information given to us though not from the Police, the attack carried out by NISA security agents, is seen to be unconstitutional by the MPs, a political mistake, one meant to oppose and gag the right to freedom of expression” added MP Ahmed.

They requested the immediate release of Abdirahman Abdishkur by the government.

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The statement also referred to the issue of stripping immunity from 2 MPs Hassan Maalin Mohamud and Abdinasir Noor shuirye in order to initiate criminal investigations against them amounting to treason.  “We also see unconstitutional the way the attorney general approached the matter on these two MPs that was mentioned in a document that wanted them to be taken to court through stripping them of their immunity as announced by the attorney general”.

In the same breath, they also requested the council of the Lower House to be resumed which was adjourned on 16th December for a period of two months. “The MPs generally agreed upon to request the council of the House of People to reopen the house sessions to discuss these latest developments”.

Ultimately they touched on the banning of meetings yesterday by the minister of security citing an attack on the reputation of the individual and economic sanction on the hotels.

“In the media briefing of today, it was mentioned on the ban of holding meetings in hotels which the MPs perceived to be a violation of their citizenship, an attack on the reputation of the people and the economy [embargo on hotels]. We request this unconstitutional step to be rescinded” concluded the statement .

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