Three people injured in mortar shell attack at Transport HQs in Mogadishu

Three people were injured and two vehicles destroyed in a mortal shell attack at the Ministry of Transport headquarters in Mogadishu’s Shibis district.

Mogadishu local government spokesman confirmed the incident to the media noting firefighting team were able to extinguish the fires though the vehicles had been destroyed by fire.

Some of the vehicles destroyed in grenade attack at Ministry of Transport Headquarters in Mogadishu. Photo: Abdifitah Omar Halane

A source at the ministry told Goobjoog News one of the mortars hit the parking lot for the Minister of Transport. He said a driver working in the minister was injured and that a fuel storage area was also destroyed.

Mogadishu has witnessed such mortal shell attacks with some targeting the presidential palace.

Firefighters put out fire on vehicles destroyed in the mortar shell attack.


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