Three U.S. strikes in two days kill 44 Shabaab militants

A third airstrike by U.S forces has killed seven Al-Shabaab militants raising the number of militants killed in barely two days to 44 in central Somali region of Mudug.

U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) said Wednesday it killed seven Al-Shabaab militants in precision strikes in Quy Cad located in Haradhere which is Mudug region.

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The strike was carried out Tuesday, AFRICOM said. The strike follows two similar ones in Mudug region Monday which wiped out 37 militants. The first strike in Debatscile, locality killed 27 militants followed by a second one which killed 10 other militants.

The U.S. forces have upped strikes against Al-Shabaab in southern and central Somalia with the strikes this year clocking around 30.


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