Three women voted in, former warlord locked out in Puntland Senate polls

Puntland concluded senatorial elections Thursday with women getting three seats out of 11. Former warlord Mohamed Hersi Morgan lost to businessman Bootan Barre Samatar. October 20, 2016|Graphic: Goobjoog News

A former warlord whom the UN questioned his candidature for Puntland Senatorial race on grounds of violent history, Mohamed Hersi Morgan was floored in Thursday’s poll as Puntland concluded its senate elections late evening handing women three slots in a tightly contested race.

Morgan (27 votes) lost to little known Bootaan Bare Samatar who garnered 38 votes to strongly lend an upper hand to the international community which had singled Morgan out among two other candidates as unfit for office. Jubbaland dropped Abdifitah Mohamed Ali from the race and replaced him with a female candidate.

Only Abdi Hassan Awale Qeybdiid who was also mentioned by the UN was elected Senator by Galmudug state last week.

Out of a total of 11 Senators, three women secured seats; two won by Hodan Mohamud Osman and Shukri Mohamud Adan in the women only contests. Sahido Hasan Osman battled her way out through the third round with three male contenders to emerge winner. She garnered 41 votes in the third round while her opponent Said Mohamud Adan took up the remaining 23 votes.

Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke sailed through with 47 votes early morning thrashing her only opponent Amina Adan Abdullahi who scooped 17 votes securing him a political comeback as he gears up for the November 30 Presidential poll. He will be facing among others President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and former President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed.

Another Presidential candidate and former Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Faroole had a landslide victory in the morning taking up 59 votes while his closest opponent Abdimhadi Abshir Osman had to contend with the remaining five votes.

Polling ran up into the evening in the state assembly with 65 members of parliament taking part in the elections. Puntland and Somaliland each were allocated 11 Senate seats while the rest of the states each got eight.

Break-away region of Somaliland whose polls will likely be in Mogadishu and newly formed Hir-Shabelle state are the only remaining states to conduct the exercise.

Lower House elections will begin October 23 running through to November 10. From today’s elections which is about 65% of the total vote of 54, Presidential candidates are getting a picture on how they will balance the vote with that of the Lower House to secure the 50+1 threshold.

Together with the Lower House which has 275 members, the Senate made up of 54 members will elect a new President November 30.





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