Timeline: Somalia’s parliament speakers from 1956-2017









Adan Abdulle Hassan, a former Somali president became first parliament speaker in 1954 for Italian Somaliland Assembly as he led the parliament till 1959.

Abdulle was once again re-elected as the leader of parliament in 1959 leading the house till 1960.

After the unification of the northern and southern territories (former British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland), Jama’a Abdullahi Qaalib was elected as Somalia’s first parliament leader in 1960.

In 1965, Ahmed Sheikh Absiye became the parliament speaker before he quitted months later.

1965, Sheikh Mukhtar Mohamed Hussein took the leadership of the parliament until Mohamed Siyad Barre took control of the country through military coup.

Late 1969 Somalia became one party state as the president declared Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party (SRSP).

In 1978, members of SRSP elected Ismail Ali Abukar to be speaker of parliament.

The military government later detained Abukar and Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed took the leadership of the house.

Early 1990 Somalia plunged into civil war after president Mohamed Siyad Barre overthrew.

After the formation of Somalia’ Transitional Federal Government (TFG), Abdullahi Derrow Issack was elected to lead the parliament formed after decades of civil war that claimed lives of thousands of Somalis. Derrow serve house for three years.

In 2004 Somalia formed Transitional Federal Government (TFG) in Kenya with 275 lawmakers.

Shariif Hassan Sheikh Adan who is the currently regional president of Southwest became the speaker, leading the house till 2007.

Adan was voted out of the office by the parliamentarians.

Early 2007, Sheikh Adan Madoobe became the speaker and had been the leader of the House till 2011.

Early 2012, Mohamed Osman Jawaari who won today’s election was elected as the parliament leader.

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