Trucks banned on makkah Al-Mukarrama road

Somali traffic police has imposed a ban on all trucks driving on main and busiest roads in Mogadishu Makka Al-Mukarrama to reduce accidents and ease out traffic in the city.

The commander of traffic police, Ali Hirsi Barre aka Ali Gaab said that for the last two months more than 126 car accidents involving 237 vehicles have been registered that claimed 5 live.

“After we have seen what happened for the last two months in the city that registered 126 car accidents which led deaths of five people and wounded 62 others whereby 237 vehicles dented or smashed, we decided to ban all trucks driving on Makka Al-mukarrama road in order to minimized accidents” said Ali Gaab.

In Somalia, car accident often causes deaths and injuries in which are attributed to the drivers who do not have enough experiences in driving as well as the the unrepaired roads in some regions in Somalia regions.

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