UN lauds anti-graft efforts in Somalia as world marks Anti-Corruption Day

The UN head in Somalia James Swan has lauded the signing into law of the Anti-Corruption Act by President Farmaajo and approvals of bills aimed at bolstering good governance in Somalia.

In a statement to mark this year’s International Anti-Corruption Day, Swan said the formulation of the anti-graft law was a ‘commendable step forward for Somalia’.

“The United Nations is very encouraged by the recent signing into law by President Mohamed Abdullahi ‘Farmaajo’ of the bill on the establishment of the anti-corruption commission and the elaboration of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy,” he added.

Noting that corruption was a major impediment to development and undermines state-building, the UN envoy said the UN welcomed steps towards Somalia’s ratification of the UN Convention against Corruption.

The world today marks the 16th years since the UN adopted the anti-graft treaty. Swan added the recent passage of the National Audit Bill by the Lower House and the passage of the Public Financial Management and Companies Acts by both Houses was a step forward in reducing ‘vulnerabilities to corruption.

Somalia has been ranked the most corrupt country in the world ten years in a row by Transparency International.

International Anti-Corruption Day is observed annually on 9 December with the aim of raising awareness of corruption and the role the Convention plays in combating and preventing it.

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