UN representative for Somalia pledges continued support for Punland

In a ceremony to mark the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia’s (UNSOM) anniversary in Garowe today, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Somalia (SRSG), Nicholas Kay, pledged the UN’s continued support for Puntland state.

“Puntland has made important political, economic and security progress in the last year for which the Government and people deserve full credit. But much more remains to be done, including working together with the Federal Government and other emerging states on developing a federal system of governance, reviewing the provisional Constitution, and preparing for elections in 2016. Full cooperation between the State of Puntland, interim and emerging national administrations, and the Somali Federal Government is vital,” Mr Kay said.

“All of Somalia can learn and benefit from Puntland’s experience and achievements since 1998. I am convinced that the formation of other federal member states within Somalia is in the interest of Puntland and all Somalia. Puntland should not lose any territory that it currently administers,” he added. “Final boundaries will be determined according to the process prescribed in the Provisional Federal Constitution.”

“International support for peace- and state-building in Puntland will continue to be guided by the principles of Somali ownership, leadership and respect for the Provisional Federal Constitution,” SRSG Kay said.

Mr. Kay had earlier today reached Garowe to have discussions with Puntland leaders on various issues including strained relations between Puntland and Somalia’s federal government as well as the recent agreement signed in Mogadishu on the formation of an interim state in central Somali regions.


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