Unidentified Warship Destroys Boats, Kills People near Kuda Island of Somalia

Two people killed and nine others wounded when unidentified warship fired boats transporting fishermen near Kuda Island of Jubbaland state of Somalia on Wednesday night. Jubbland state information minister, Abdinor Ali Adan briefs to media.

However, eye witness sated that at the time of the attack Jubbland state forces were using the boats.

Jubbaland information minister insisted that the attacked boats used by fishermen, not their forces and said they consider the attack an action of aggression against the nation’s sovereignty “a warship attacked 9 fisher boats, all the boats were destroyed, 2 people killed and 9 others injured” said the minister.  No comments from International navy forces about the incident.

Multinational navy designed to combat pricey in Indian Ocean trade routes maintains strong presence in cost of Somalia.






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