Update: Meeting on Constitutional review held in Jowhar

Somali federal constitutional affairs minister Adirahman Hosh Jibril (SR) gesturing while speaking in a constitutional review meeting held last night in Jowhar, HirShabelle state. Photo credit: SONNA.

Consultative meeting on constitutional review was held last night in Jowhar town, HirShabelle state capital.

The meetings solely focused on how to follow the constitutional system in order to accelerate the legal review and revisiting the draft constitution.

Addressing the participants, federal constitutional affairs minister Adirahman Hosh Jibril noted the importance of the inputs coming from the regional federal member states where he has already visited some of them.

“Truly today, it has a special importance for us to hold this meeting with the state acting president and state ministers. My ministry and the committees we work together have agreed upon to consult with regional federal member states on constitutional review. My ministry had earlier commenced consultation with some of the states” said minister Jibril.

Attendants included head of constitutional review committee of the two federal Houses Senator Abdi Hassan Awale  Qeybdid, state assembly speaker Osman Bare Mohamed, state assembly constitutional committee and other dignitaries.

In the last 2 days, the federal delegates headed by minister Jibril have been making consultation with the local officials and the public in HirShabelle state on the constitution.

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