Upsurge traffic jams in Bossaso

Drivers operating Bassaso town are expressing concern over traffic jam that led delay to their operations.

The town lacks sufficient road to accommodate the increasing number of vehicles that ply on the roads.

“I have not eaten since morning of which now is about 3pm, not showered and not even changed clothes,” a minibus driver.

The lack of crucial traffic light since Somali central deposed is a big for the management of the town’s traffic problems.

in some critical intersection, installing traffic light might well solve the congestion problems, according to Abdi Farah, a track driver in Bossaso town.

“The current magnitude of the town’s cannot go without traffic lights at the right intersection points” he said.

He added ”It is common to observe two vehicle which are being driven in opposite directions and the two drivers to know one another, they would stop and block the whole road to start a lengthy conversation that might take minutes”

In Somalia, car accident often causes deaths and injuries in which are attributed to the drivers who do not have enough experiences in driving as well as the the unrepaired roads in some regions in Somalia regions.

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