US donates 64$ million to fund Somalia’s education

The government of United States has donated $64 million to the government of Somalia aimed at  improving the education sector in Somalia.

Speaking during the signing of the contract, Somali minister for Education, Abdikadir Abdi Hashi said funds will be instrumental in enhancing the improvement of education sector in Somalia.

“This fund will be used to improve our education system. My ministry will struggle to provide comfortable learning system to the students,” said Hashi.

Hashi said education is essential in alleviating poverty, building peaceful societies and promoting social inclusion.

“Educated youth are less likely to become radicalized, attracted to militias and join other destabilising activities,” he noted.

US Diplomat Stephen Michael Schwartz who was signed the deal has said United State will continue its support to Somali government and its people.

Somalia’s education system is facing complex and multidimensional challenges in the areas of curriculum, teacher training, school infrastructure, lack of public education, unregulated private education, school finance and untrained educational professionals.




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