Wanlaweyn administration intervene to end conflict in Lower Shabelle

Wanlaweyn district administration in Lower Shabelle region has called for an end to clan conflict in the region which has now claimed dozens of lives and displaced many others from their homes.

Yusuf Mohamed, deputy security chief, said they are pursuing efforts to ease the tension and hostility in the outer skirt of the town as he expressed hope that the sides will come together and discuss their differences.

He added “We will try our best to settle down this case between brotherly clans in the way that is acceptable to both of them”

The raids are over grazing land as the pastoralists communities living in the region have regularly threats over the scarcity of land that fuel inter-clan rivalries,

The recent clan clashes in Lower Shabelle region particularly Wanlaweyn district have claimed the lives of many people mostly sides that were fighting.

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