Wanlaweyn-Afgooye road closed for insecurity

Wanlaweyn district administration of Lower Shabelle region has completely closed the road between Afgooye district and Wanlaweyn because of insecurity.

Mohamed Abdullahi Omar, the deputy finance of Wanlaweyn district told Goobjoog that the road between Wanlaweyn to Afgoye was closed because of illegal checkpoints that collect and even harm the public transports.

The checkpoints who are used by unknown militias who permanently collect money from the vehicles using the road, adding that the money collected from locals transports is an unacceptable burden for them.

“People, who are travelling for business issues are brutally injured, killed, and sometimes women’s are raped,” said the deputy finance.

The event has affected the locals especially the vegetable sellers and buyers as the vehicles that were transporting the perishable goods from the lower Shabelle were blocked.

Mohammed Abdullahi said Wanlweyn district administration has reported the matter to the Ministry of Defense’s of the federal government but there was not any response till now.

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