Warran-Adde: “Somaliland’s election will be held on time”

The break away, Somaliland’s minister for interior, Ali Mohamed Warran-Adde has denied any extension of  current government of president Ahmed Mohamed Siilanyo beyond its term saying that the election will be held on time as per the constitution.

The minister noted that duties needed to be completed by electoral stakeholders, such as the House of Representatives of the administration are getting delay a bit but will be completed soon

He added that the House of Representatives were expected to endorse the electoral bill which could detail how the lawmakers would be elected.

“The expenditure needed to carry out the election is very high worth therefore we have to share it with international donors as to proceed ahead” Waran-Adde said.

The elections of the breakaway Somaliland is expected to take place soon nevertheless the politicians are expressing their over possibility held the election.

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