Warta Nabadda duo face off in Gen Daa’uud Cup finals


By Mohamed H. Qalinle and Hussein Hadafow

The battle lines have been drawn, the die is cast and no doubt the best team will win. The police team Jeenyo FC with three of its star players felled by red and yellow cards today battle with Banaadir SC in the General Daa’uud Cup finals at Banaadir Stadium, Mogadishu this afternoon.

Jeenyo FC lost midfielder Daud Abdullahi through a red card during quarters with Horseed, defender Abdulkadir Maalin who got two yellow cards in semifinal with Horseed and striker Mohamed Nuur Abdi.

On its part, Banaadir will have to make do without the services of Kenyan striker Marcel Odhiambo who was red carded during the semifinal match with Heegan FC.

Jeenyo assistant coach Mohamed Ali says his team is ready to display an entertaining match. Photo: Goobjoog News

Despite the loses, both teams sound upbeat and set for a win in a match which has drawn immense support from fans across the divide.

“I am very happy to be in the finals. We are happy to face our neighbor Banaadir. Banaadir is a big team with good players and a coach. Our mission today is to win this cup. Jeenyo won this cup in 2014 and we need to show our fans the strength of the team and respect the supports of Banaadir and management,” said Jeenyo tactician Salad Farah Hassan.

Hassan notes that despite loss of the three players- defender, midfielder and striker, “we have duly qualified players to fill the gap.’


Banaadir coach Hussein Mblangu exuded confidence his team will carry the day.

“We are playing a team which beat us.We are ready, we have corrected our mistakes. People will enjoy the match. Football is a battle without guns, so let us go there and play, fans come there and enjoy,” said Mblangu.

We are ready, we have corrected our mistakes-Banaadir coach Hussein Mblangu. October 29, 2016. Photo: Goobjoog News

With both teams drawn from Warta Nabadda village in Mogadishu, the match with be a derby to catch in village whose change of name Wardhiigley (valley of blood) to Warta Nabadda (valley of peace) is heralding some really good news today.

Hassan Abdi Noor (left) from Jeenyo will face off with his brother Ataf Abdi Noor from Banaadir SC. Both brothers are midfielders. File Photo: Goobjoog News/ Mohamed Hussein Qalinle

The derby will not only see a village declare loyalties but a family too will have to decide which of their sons they will support. Hassan Abdi Noor from Jeenyo will be facing his brother Ataf Abdi Noor from Banaadir but their father seems to have made his mind where his energies will be directed.

Father Noor Abdi Gasey (centre) will be cheering elder son Hassan Noor Abdi (Jeenyo) but excited both sons will be meeting for this cup. File Photo: Goobjoog News/Mohamed Hussein Qalinle

With no bad feelings, their father, Noor Abdi will be cheering the elder brother Hassan Abdi Noor (No.8) from Banaadir as the younger son hopes the rest of the family will consider his bid.

2012-2016 Banaadir vs Jeenyo (Somali Premier League)

30/10/2012      Jeenyo FC       1: 0      Banadir S.C

16/07/2012      Banadir S.C    1: 1      Jeenyo FC

17/01/2014      Banadir S.C    1: 1      Jeenyo FC

21/03/2014      Jeenyo FC       1: 1      Banadir S.C

04/03/2015      Banadir S.C    0: 3      Jeenyo FC

01/06/2015      Jeenyo FC       1: 2      Banadir S.C

22/01/2016      Banadir S.C    2: 0      Jeenyo FC

08/04/2016      Jeenyo FC       2: 3      Banadir S.C

Group Stage and Results of Jeenyo (Gen Daa’uud Cup 2016)

30-09-2016-Jeenyo FC    1:0-Banadir S.C

13-10-2016-Gaadiidka    2:1-Jeenyo FC

21-10-2016-Jeenyo FC    4:1-Gantaalaha Afgooye

 Round 2- and Result Jeenyo

23-10-2016 Rajo FC 2:6 Jeenyo FC

Semi Final and Result of Jeenyo

26-10-0216-Horseed 0-1 Jeenyo

Group Stage and Results of Banaadir SC

30-09-2016-Jeenyo FC     1:0-Banadir S.C

21-10-2016-Gaadiidka     0:1-Banadir S.C

17-10-2016-Banadir SC    7:0-Gantaalaha Afgooye

Round 2- and Result Jeenyo

24-10-2016-Banadir SC 5:0 Midnimo

Semi Final and Result of Jeenyo

27/10/2016-Heegan S.C 1:1Banadir S.C-(Penalty Kick 4-3 on Banaadir SC)

Match Facts

Tournament:-General Daa’uud 2016

Teams:-Jeenyo VS Banaadir SC-(Final)

Match Name: – Wart-Nabbada Derby




Kick Off:-14.45 Hrs local time

All: – 1 $

Stadium Temperatures: 25°C

Venue: Banaadir Stadium


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