Galmudug plans to hold talks with AhluSunna Waljama’a, MP says

Galmudug government plans to hold a dialogue with ethnic Ahlusuna waljam’a group soon in a bid to seek an enduring political settlement to years of armed conflict, regional assembly member said Sunday.

The implementation team which prepare and facilitate the process has been appointed by Galmudug assembly, according Mohamed Abdullahi Ali, who is Galmudug MP.

“The assembly member are asking for political dialogue, so we will have it started,” Ali said. adding, “We would like to start the political dialogue with the group (Ahlusuna) soon.”
The lawmaker reiterated that they will put more efforts to invite the group to the negotiating table as to iron out the differences between the sides.

“We are always ready to negotiate with Ahlu-Sunna Waljam’a to solve the differences, Galmudug president earlier stressed his desire to talk to Somali moderate Islamist group Ahlu Sunni waljam’a therefore this shows the willingness of our government to solve the problems” he said.

Somalia-based Sufi Islamist group has rubbished earlier reports saying the group is holding talks with Galmudug state.

The pugnacious group has ruled out any ongoing negotiation between Ahlusunna and the administration of Galmudug.

Sheikh Mohamed Shakir, the president of Ahlu-Sunna Waljamaca which controls Dhusomareb and Guriel towns has distanced his group from the talks which he said were unfounded.

“We make clear that Ahlussuna did not meet with any mediator calling us talks with Galmudug state” Shakir said.

Mid last year the group broke into two factions after officials from the group signed a power sharing deal with the Galmudug regional administration, a faction of the group rejected the deal, terming it  as ’sham’ formulated by former members of the militia.


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