World Bank unveils $9m roads rehabilitation projects for Mogadishu and Garowe

The second phase of the project will be implemented in Baidoa and Kismayu

FILE: The funds will construct a total of 11.9km of road in Mogadishu and Garowe municipalities. Photo: Goobjoog News

The World Bank has rolled out a $9 million urban infrastructure development project in Somalia that will see roads construction in the capital Mogadishu and Garowe with subsequent extension to Baidoa and Kismayu.

The global lender said Thursday the project which is expected to be completed in 36 months’ time is the first national test case for municipal infrastructure delivery aimed at strengthen public service delivery capacity at the sub-national level and supporting the reconstruction of key urban infrastructure in targeted areas.

The project dubbed the Somali Urban Resilience Project, SURP is a national urban resilience project that aims to pilot the use of country systems at the sub-national level and strengthen municipal governments’ capacity, the Bank said.

“The World Bank’s role in Somalia is about working with and through government and building the capacity of the authorities to spearhead reform and development,” said Hugh Riddell, World Bank Country Representative for Somalia. “The SURP will allow us to build on the initial work in urban resilience and to expand this agenda across the country.”

The project to be funded by a grant through the World Bank’s Multi Partner Fund will see the  the rehabilitation of approximately 19 roads in 7 districts of Mogadishu, covering an estimated total of 7.5 km at a cost of $6.5 million. According to the procurement plan, $2.4 million of these amount will cater for consulting services while $3.2 million will cover the cost of construction of the 19 roads.

The second component of the project billed at $2.5 million will go to construction and rehabilitation of roads in administrative capital of Puntland, Garowe. The Garowe project will involve four roads covering a distance of 4.4 kilometres.

According to the project Information Documents, the rehabilitation project in Mogadishu will generate 330 short term jobs while a further 250 people will get short term employment in Garowe.

The project will subsequently be extended to Kismayu and Baidoa, the Bank says noting $21 million had be secured to roll out infrastructure rehabilitation in the two towns.

The German Government announced EUR 23.4 million through KfW Development Bank to support the rehabilitation of urban infrastructure in Somalia in January 2018.



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