Madaxweynayaashii Hore Ee Dalka Oo u Ambabaxay B/weyne

Goor dhow waxaa garoonka diyaaradaha ee Aadan Cadde ka duushay diyaarad gaar ah oo ay la socdaan madaxweynayaashii hore ee dalka, Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud, Shariif Sheekh Axmed iyo xildhibaanno ka tirsan golaha shacabka ee baarlamaanka federaalka Soomaaliya.

Wararka aan helnay ayaa sheegaya in saacado madaxdan oo ku xayirnaayeen garoonka, ugu dambeyn loo ogolaaday iney  aadaan B/weyne.

Dhanka kale, wararka ay heshay Goobjoog News, ayaa sheegaya in uu safarkii ka baaqday Ra’iisul wasaare Xasan Cali Kheyre oo  isna saakay garoonka Aadan Cadde u tagey inuu aado magaalada B/weyne, sababo la sheegay roob xalay ka da’ay magaaladaasi.

Madaxdii hore ee dalka ayaa B/weyne u qaaday gurmad isugu jira raashiin iyo lacag si wax loogu qabto dadka ku dhibban magaaladaasi ee uu saameeyey fatahaadda Wabiga Shabelle.

Warkaan wixii kusoo kordha kala soco wararkeena kale

Goobjoog News

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