Senate opts out of Qalbi Dhagah case pending Lower House debate

Senate voted Monday to delay the debate on Qalbi Dhagah’s extradition awaiting Lower House debate. File Photo: Goobjoog News

The Senate has voted to hold back debate on the extradition of ONLF senior leader Qalbi Dhagah pending debate by the Lower House barely a day after Senate Speaker Abdi Hashi promised dispose off the matter Monday.

In a seating Monday morning which was expected to debate last month’s extradition of the ONLF official, the Senators voted 21-11 in favour of staying the debate until the Lower House completes debate on it while four Senators abstained from the vote. A total of 36 Senators out of 54 attended today’s session.

Senators who spoke to Goobjoog News Sunday were upbeat on the issue noting they would ensure they members turn up for today’s session. Senate Speaker Abdi Hashi also told Goobjoog News the Senate will debate and determine the legality of the extradition today.

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The Lower House failed to kick off debate on the issue Saturday after MPs among them Ministers kept off the proceedings owing to what sources said had been divisions among the lawmakers following the government’s strong push for approval of its determination last week.

The government denounced Qalbi Dhagah as a terrorist following public uproar in the wake of his extradition to Ethiopia.

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ONLF spokesman Abdikadir Hassan Hirmoge  expressed hope Monday Senate would take up the challenge noting the group was dismayed by failure by the Lower House to debate the issue.


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