Deputy Speaker Mudey summons MPs amid Jawari-Farmaajo meeting

First Deputy Speaker Abdiweli Mudey has been in conflict with Speaker Mohamed Jawari over the motion to dethrone the latter. File Photo: Amisom

First Deputy speaker of the Lower House Abdiweli Mudey has summoned MPs for debate against Speaker Mohamed Jawari tomorrow in the midst of a meeting between Jawari and President Mohamed Farmajo at Villa Somalia.

A text message from Mudey seen by Goobjoog News and confirmed by an MP who sought anonymity notes the lawmakers should be present at the House at 9 am local time.

“The Deputy Speaker is informing parliament there will be a sitting tomorrow (Monday) in Mogadishu at 9 am and the agenda is to debate the motion against Mohamed Jawari.”

The summons come amid an ongoing meeting between President Farmaajo and Speaker Jawari. Sources privy to the meeting have intimated to Goobjoog News the closed door meeting has been going on for the last three hours and is yet to conclude at the time of publishing this story.

Both Jawari and Mudey have been at loggerheads since the motion came into being early March. Amisom was forced to intervene last Wednesday in a three hour long stand-off at the Lower House building. Amisom head of Ugandan contingent Gen. Paul Lokech said they had agreed with Speaker Jawari the sessions of the House be suspended for some time until the environment is favourable.

Following the stand-off, Jawari went public claiming President Farmaajo had been pressuring him to stand down but insisted he would only exit through a parliamentary process.

The move by Mudey to recall MPs renews a simmering political storm in the country and could the exacerbate rift between him and Jawari barely a day after MPs allied to Jawari appointed a seven member team to lead the mediation talks even as the Prime Minister Hassan Khaire faction gave the mediation talks a cold shoulder.


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