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Salaam African Bank exports to UGANDA


Today, we celebrate Salaam African Bank’s meteoric rise as it continues its expansion in the region.

Indeed, following the Vision 2035 of our President, Salaam African Bank will continue its commitment to be an unwavering player in the prosperity and sustainable development of the region, through the acquisition of Top Finance Bank of Uganda.

This exceptional move follows the Bank’s expansion in Asia, particularly in Malaysia as well as in Ethiopia and Kenya just to name a few.

This latest expansion into the Uganda market, which occurred on August 8, 2022, will now allow Ugandan nationals to enjoy 100% Islamic financial products.

Salaam African Bank has achieved the remarkable success of exporting and consolidating the national know-how. It has also broken new ground by introducing quality products and services to the Ugandan banking market.

Thus, this new acquisition will lead to the birth of the first full-fledged Islamic bank in the Ugandan banking sector.

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