Dhageyso: Maamulka Garbahaareey Oo Ka Hadlay Sababta Dibadbaxii Maanta

Dibadbax ka dhan ah madaxweynaha Jubbaland Axmed Madoobe booqasho la sheegay inuu ku tagayo magaalo madaxda gobolka Gedo, ee Garbahaareey ayaa maanta ka dhacay magaaladaasi.

Guddoomiye xigeenka magaalada Garbahaareey Aadan Siraad oo u warramay Goobjoog News ayaa ka warbixiyay sababta keentay dibadbaxa maanta ka dhacay magaaladaasi.

Wuxuu sheegay in ujeedka dibadbaxa uu ku saleysnaa cabasho bulshada magaaladaasi ay muddooyinkii dambeba ka tirsanayeen Jubbaland.

Goobjoog News oo xiriirro kale duwan la sameeysay madaxtooyada Jubbaland ayaa xaqiijisay in aanu jirin safar madaxweyne Axmed Maxamed Islaam Madoobe uu ku tegayo magaalada Garbahaareey.



Goobjoog News

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