Hargeysa: 15 Sano Lama Qaban Ciyaaraha Degmooyinka, Garoomo La’aanna Waa Jirtaa

Qaar ka mid ah dhalinyarada magaalada Hargeysa ayaa waxaa ay cabasho ka muujiyeen ciyaaraha degmooyinka magaalada Hargeysa oo ay sheegeen in ku dhawaad 15 sanno aan laga qaban magaalada Hargeysa.

Dhalinyaradan ayaa waxaa kale oo ay sheegeen in aanay haysan garoonno ay ku ciyaaraan kubadda cagta oo ay dawladdu u dhistay marka laga soo tago garoonka wayn ee Hargeysa.

Inta badan dhalinyarada qaarkood ayaa waxay ku ciyaaraan garoonno ay maalgashadeen dad gaar ah kuwaasi oo lagu galo lacag, hase ahaatee dhalinyarada ayaa sheegaya in aanay dhammaantood wada heli karin lacagtaasi.

Asad Ismaaciil Aadan, waxa uu kamid yahay ciyaartoyga heerka koowaad ee gobolka ay Hargeysa ku taallo, waxaa uu walaac ka muujiyay xirfaddiisa ciyaartoynimo, isagoo sheegay in aanay jirin goobo ama garoonno ay kor ugu qaadaan xirfaddooda ciyaartoynimo isla markaana aanay helin isaga iyo ciyaartoyga la midka ah wax tababarro ah.

Dhalinyarada da’yarta ah ee iyagu inta badan xiisaysa ciyaaraha ayaa waxay ku ciyaaraan goobo aan loogu talo galin ciyaaraha iyadoo garoonnada qaar ee  dhalinyaradu ku ciyaari jirtay aanay hadda ka socon wax ciyaaro ah.

Maxamed Faarax Cali oo  kamid ahaan jiray ciyaartoyda degmooyinka Hargeysa ayaa waxa uu sheegay in xaaladda ciyaaraha ee degmooyinka Hargeysa ay hadda meeshii ugu hoosaysay marayso.

Ugu dambeyntii, dhalinyaradan ayaa waxay baaq u direen madaxweynaha Somaliland Muuse Biixi Cabdi iyo Wasaaradda ciyaaraha Somaliland iyagoo ka codsaday in kor loo qaado ciyaaraha da’yarta Somaliland.

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