Howlgallo Dad Lagu Soo Qabtay oo Ciidanka Dowladda Ay Ka Fuliyeen Magaalada Muqdisho

Ciidamada amaanka ayaa gacanta ku soo dhigay xubin ka tirsan Alshabaab oo sida la sheegay bam gacmeed ku tuuray bar-koontarool oo ku taalla waaxda Horseed ee degmada Yaaqshid ee gobalka Banaadir.

Guddoomiye ku xigeenka amniga iyo siyaasadda maamulka gobolka Banaadir Maxamed Cabdullaahi Tuulax oo xalay kormeer lug ah ku maray xaafadaha Juungal,Towfiiq iyo Horseed ee degmada Yaaqshid ayaa sheegay in ciidamadu ay gacanta ku soo dhigeen  shaqsigaan bamba gacmeedka ku tuurayay bartaasi koontarool oo ciidamadu hubinayay gaadiidka ay ku sugnaayeen.

Guddoomiyaha ayaa maamulka degmada iyo bulshada ku ammaanay sida ay uga wada shaqeeyaan sugidda amniga isaga oo shacabka degmadaasi ugu baaqay inay la shaqeeyaan hay’adaha amaanka.

Guddoomiye Tuulax ayaa ciidamada ammaanka ku dhiirigeliyay in ay sii wadaan u adeegidda shacabka, isagoo ku ammaanay sida ay ugu taaganyihiin har iyo habeen difaaca dalka iyo dadka.

Marka laguda galo bisha ramadaan ayaa Al shabaab waxa ay kordhiyaan weerarada qorsheysan oo ay ka fuliyaan caasimadda dalka ee Muqdisho.

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